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Front Panel Upgrade

Upgrade for Q2/52 and Q2/62
Replaces LEDs with monitor display, and replaces switches with keyboard commands.  Includes test button, pass light, and fail light.
Reduces leakage failures by using modern surface mount technology and better printed circuit board layout.
Improves reliability by using surface mount technology and reduced component count.
Increases LPORTs from 2 to 16.
Replaces obsolete mother board connector with part currently in production.
New mechanical design improves reliability and appearance.  Test deck length 8.3 inches.  Compatible with all Q2 and Q8000 load boards.  Maximum current per contact 3 amps.  Maximum resistance per contact 0.01 ohms.
Runs 62TSC, 62TSC1, 62TSC2, 52TSC4, and CSC40 diagnostics.
Power consumption: +5  230 MA, +28  40 MA, -12  40 MA. 
Specifications valid 19 to 25 degrees Celcius (66 to 77 degrees fahrenheit), 10 to 50 percent humidity.
One year return to factory warranty.