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CSC40 Load Board


The CSC40 load board is the only load board required for running Q2 self checks and calibration.  It replaces Self Check 1, Self Check 2 and Calibration Mux load boards. 

When using the CSC40 with a PC-Host and Q2/52, the timing verification and all self checks may be run from a single command.  Two set-ups are required with the Q2/62, one for the self check and another for calibration.  Previously, four hardware set-ups were necessary and three of these set-ups required that the tester power be turned off.  And, to comply strictly with Q2 specifications, each power down was to be followed by a 30 minute warm-up period.  With the CSC40 load board, the tester needs to be powered down only once with a Q2/52 and twice with a Q2/62. 

The switching relays on the CSC40 load board are mounted in sockets to make replacement easy.  The often troublesome buffer circuit used on older designs has been upgraded.