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  Programmable Timing Generator
Upgrade for Q2/52 and Q2/62

The SKYptg completely replaces all five boards of the stardard PTG of the Q2 and requires no calibration.  The SKYptg hardware is plug compatible with the backplane of the Q2 and either the Pattern Generation module of the Q2/52 (PGM) or the Pattern Execution Module of the Q2/62 (standard PEM or SKYpem).  SKYptg software implements the control functions of the standard PTG in the tester's host computer.  It can be installed in any Q2 equipped with Skyline's ESCape upgrades.  PLEASE EMAIL US FOR MORE INFORMATION.
No Calibration
Supports timing verification in the field.  Digital design eliminates need for calibration.
High Throughput 
Improves throughput of Q2 by eliminating substantial SETTIME overhead.
Operates with existing self check software, test programs, and SRCs.  Recompilation of programs is unnecessary.
Replaces maintenance prone PTG with new hardware in surface mount, high density CMOS technology.
Low Power
Has fewer parts, lower power consumption than PTG.
Improved Cooling 
Results in lower Q2 operating temperature since it is more aerodynamic and smaller than standard PTG.