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512K Vector Pattern Execution Module
Upgrade for Q2/62

The Skyline PEM (SKYpem) for the Q2/62 test system is now shipping from stock.  The old PEM design is now 20 years old.  Finally a modern alternative is available.
Production capacity is increased with SKYpem; test times are shorter and downtime is reduced.
Engineering productivity is enhanced; SKYpem has more RAM and runs much faster.
Maintenance time is reduced as a result of faster calibration and improved reliability.
The SKYpem has 512K vectors. The old PEM has only 4K vectors.  With 128 times more RAM, it is no longer necessary to reload the vector memory during testing.  This reduces test time.
SENDPGM and FUNTEST commands execute on the PC rather than on the old PEM's 8080 processor.  With SKYpem these commands are orders of magnitude faster.
The SKYpem is 100% compatible with your existing Q2/62 hardware and Signal Routing Card (SRC).
The use of modern surface mount CMOS technology greatly improves reliability.  The old PEM has about 500 chips mounted on a wire wrap board. The SKYpem has only 31 chips mounted on a printed circuit board.
It can be installed in any Q2/62 equipped with Skyline's PC-Host and ESCape upgrades. The SKYpem may also be used to convert the Q2/52 memory tester into a Q2/62 logic test system.