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- PC-HOST Computer Products -

The PC-Host Computer supports the SKY284, Q2/62, Q2/52, and Q8000 test systems. 

Full capability is provided for production testing, and all engineering functions are supported as well. 

Seamless integration with existing hosts allows for easy migration to the PC-Host

High performance QTL compiler compiles up to 100 times faster than a PDP 11/73.

Q2/62 QTL programs compile at 6000 bytes per second. Q2/52 programs compile at 3000 bytes per second. The high speed Q2/62 pattern compiler compiles 60,000 vectors per minute.
Interactive Q Monitor supports all SUPERQ commands, plus new commands like: Help, More, Head, Date, Time, Dir, Chdir, Prompt and Tree.
The high performance deskew and PTG calibration procedures typically take less than 1/3 the time.
High speed pattern overlay buffer with up to 255 4K vector patterns (12 megabytes). Patterns load from disk up to 30 times faster.
File transfers to and from host, as well as terminal emulation for accessing host functions.
Improved reliability, uptime and one year warranty.
Usually available from stock.