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- External System Controller -

The ESCape Upgrade transfers system control from PROMs located on the old system control board to the host. 
ESCape board

A PCX Interface Card interfaces the tester to the PC-Host. A new, redesigned ESCape board replaces the Q2 Control Board. 

ESCape may be used for all Q2/62, Q2/52, and Q8000 test systems.

Significantly faster command and test program execution times.
Faster test program loading. For example, a 40K byte program loads within 1 second using ESCape, but takes 20 seconds without it.
System revisions are now made using revised software instead of dismantling the tester and updating PROMs.
With ESCape, the 40,000 (hex) location isn't wiped out when resetting the system; Remote lists will work after 32K; SKIPTO works across the 32K boundary; FPORTA & FPORTB function when looping on a test; The log command in a Summary Block called from a Ready Block problem is fixed.
Increased hardware reliability. The old control board has 75 ICs, but the new ESCape board has only 16.
One year warranty.
Usually available from stock.
Q2/52 LPP commands are approximately 10 times faster