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DUT/2000 Interface
                 The year 2000 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Q2/Q8000 DUT 
                 interface.  Considering new test system prices, the Q2 and Q8000 
                 seemed destined to continue their life as a low end test solution 
                 into the next millenium.  Skyline Test Equipment's latest 
                 contribution to this extended life is the new DUT/2000 interface. 
                 The list of DUT/2000 features is impressive: 

                     . Standard load board for all DUTs 

                     . Standard coaxial cable assembly for all DUTs 

                     . Compatible with Q2, Q8000 and SKY284 

                     . Highly reliabile 

                     . Low Cost 

LB/2000 Load Board
The LB/2000 load board adapts a Q2, Q8000 or SKY284 to the DUT/2000 interface.  The LB/2000 is Skyline part number 101020.

DUT/2000 Coaxial Cable
The DUT/2000 Coaxial Cable assembly is available in the standard length of 18 inches.  It is Skyline part number 101010.  Custom lengths are available.

LB/2000 Load Board shown with DUT/2000 Coaxial Cable

FP/2000 Front Panel
The FP/2000 front panel adapts a Q2 or Q8000 to the DUT/2000 interface.  It has the same benefits as the LB/2000, with even higher reliability, and new capabilities.  The new capabilities include an incease in the number of load board ports from 2 to 16.  Also included are PASS, FAIL and TEST signals.  The FP/2000 is Skyline part number 101030.
DUT/2000 Specifications
           . V1 maximum current 2 amps.

           . V2,V3,VIHC,VILC,VBIAS maximum current 200 milliamps.

           . +28,-12 maximum current 200 milliamps.

           . +5 maximum current 800 milliamps.

           . PRM1,PRM2 hard wired to V1,V2.

           . Connector is 76 pin Amp Mictor 

           . Load Board Write Timing Diagram
           . Load Board Read Timing Diagram
          . WRITE/, READ/, DATA/, pulse width 25 nanoseconds