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Quest High Density Load Board Kit
P/N: 100261


For use on the:

Megatest Q2/52 & Q2/62 Test Systems

Megatest Q8000 Test System

EPRO 140, 142A, & 142AX Test Systems



The Quest Consulting 50 Ohm Impedence Load Board is designed to provide both quality performance in production and to simplify construction and engineering debug.



The Load Board Kit comes fully assembled and debugged with the full ID Code cicuitry and LPORT's. A "grid array " with .1" spacing supports custom circuitry or the addition of PLD devices. For Engineering use, the Load Board has full silk-screening on both sides and both AGND and DND loops for a Cable Load Board configuration. The quick release top cover has strain relief loops for a Cable Load Board configuration. The Four Layer board provides for 50 Ohm traces for the PEA signals and provides extensive AGND, DGND Ground Planes and Power Planes.