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 - Corporate Overview  -

Quest Consulting provides Electronic Consulting services for semiconductor companies.  While our main expertise is in the area of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), we also provide many additional areas of Electronic Support. 

Quest Consulting Services include the following: 
General PCB Design, Layout, and fabrication
General PCB Assembly and Debug from Schematics
Megatest Q2/62 & Q8000 and Skyline Test Equipment SKY284    realted services including: 
Hardware Devopment
Load Board Design, Layout, and Assembly
Coax Cable and Test Head Construction
Signal Routing Card Support including: 
SRC Custom PCB Design, and Layout
SRC Wire Wrap, Assembly, and Debug
 Quest Consulting Products include the following: 
Controlled Impedance Load Board Kit -Q2, Q8000, and SKY284
Bin Box - Q2, Q8000, SKY284 (under development)
Test Head Kits - 300 Mil and 600 Mil assemblies
Universal 24-pin SRC for Q2/62 (under development) 
Universal 40-pin SRC for Q2/62 (under development)
Q2/62 Signal Routing Kits and Assembly
Q8000 FDM Kits and Assembly
Q8000 Self Check FDM and Load Boards

Clients Include:

Atmel Corporation Megatest Corporation
Dallas Semiconductor National Semiconductor
EPRO Corporation Skyline Test Equipment
Intel Corporation VLSI Technology Inc.
Lattice Semiconductor

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