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- Current Supported Product List -

The PC-Host computer is a host computer for test equipment manufactured by Megatest Corporation. It supports the SKY284, Q2/62, Q2/52, and Q8000 test systems and provides full capability for production testing and all engineering functions.
A brand new Q2 Front Panel Upgrade. 
The ESCape Upgrade is a new System Control Board and software for the Q2 and Q8000. It transfers system control from PROMs located on the old system control board to the host.
High throughput 512K Vector Pattern Execution Module Upgrade for Q2/62
The SKY284 is an 84 pin tester for logic components. It economically provides rigorous production test capability for a significant range of devices, including CMOS parts.
Vector Memory Options for the SKY284 Logic Test System
A universal counter with exceptional speed and accuracy
A universal counter with exceptional speed and accuracy
SKYptg  (In Development)
Calibration-Free PTG upgrade for Q2/62 and Q2/52.
High current, high accuracy Power Supply 2 board for the Q2.
The only load board required for running Q2 self checks and calibration
Skyline Test Equipment's latest contribution to extending the life of the Q2 and Q8000 testers 
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