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Quest Self Check 3

Front Panel & ZIF Connector Checker
P/N: 101431

Designed to run on the following Test Systems

  • EPRO 140/142/A/AX
  • Megatest Q2/52 & Q2/62
  • Megatest Q8000


         All the above Test Systems have two main Self Check Programs ( Self Check 1 & 2) that run diagnostics on the overall operation of the tester. Quest has designed a Self Check 3 module that is dedicated to one of the most critical portions of the tester; the Front Panel and the ZIF connector interface to the Load Board.



Self Check 3 verifies the ZIF is working correctly and tests all critical signals for Continuity, Leakage, and Functionality. Problems in these areas may effect testing and may not be caught by the original two Self Tests.

The Quest SC3 program executes over 4150 tests, all dedicated to finding errors either on the ZIF connection or with the PTU FET switches.

Summary of Tests:

Self Check 3 Package Includes:

Self Check 3 Load Board.
Self Check 3 Detailed User’s Manual – downloadable in PDF Format.
Self Check 3 QTL Program – downloadable from Quest/Skyline web site



NOTE: The Quest SC3 Load Board will run both the original Skyline SC3 program and the new enhanced Quest SC3 version.